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US-5051512-A: Process for preparation of fluoromethyl-substituted piperidine carbodithioates patent, US-5078097-A: Automatic unitary food dispenser for pets patent, US-5080508-A: Plastic optical fibers patent, US-5111899-A: Motorized rolling-chair patent, US-5113045-A: Safety outlet patent, US-5203964-A: Process for producing cellulose from lignin containing raw materials using an enzyme or microorganism while monitoring and maintaining the redox potential patent, US-5213523-A: Apparatus and method of making an electrical connection to a current carrying device patent, US-5236360-A: Optical members for laser transmission patent, US-5271093-A: Video display apparatus for filling the interior shapes of contour patent, US-5315069-A: Electromagnetic radiation reduction technique using grounded conductive traces circumscribing internal planes of printed circuit boards patent, US-5363793-A: Method for forming crystals patent, US-5539336-A: High speed driver circuit with improved off transition feedback patent, US-5562509-A: Watercraft catalytic exhaust system patent, US-5585413-A: Microcellular polyurethane elastomer and process for producing the same patent, US-5675151-A: Distribution type detector using scintillation fibers patent, US-5714946-A: Apparatus for communicating with a machine when the machine ignition is turned off patent, US-5920351-A: Black level detecting circuit of video signal patent, US-5971837-A: Barrel-shaped abrasive blasting cabinet patent, US-5997043-A: Multi-panel brochure and method of brochure manufacture patent, US-5999272-A: Balancing compressed storage requirements with decompression times during punt protection processing in a page printer patent, US-6009303-A: Document scan apparatus, imaging forming apparatus having the document scan apparatus, and method for controlling a document scan apparatus patent, US-6080344-A: Method of pre-pressing fibrous material during the manufacture of board products patent, US-6102677-A: Hermetic compressor patent, US-6116528-A: Safety switch for paper shredders patent, US-6178632-B1: Method for manufacturing air assist passageways for fuel insector patent, US-6336669-B1: Parallel aligning quick disconnect articulated chuck apparatus and method patent, US-6406566-B1: Copper-based alloy having shape memory properties and superelasticity, members made thereof and method for producing same patent, US-6425807-B2: Method and apparatus for grinding rotors for hydraulic motors and apparatus therefor patent, US-6522891-B1: Method of single frequency channel communication patent, US-6766777-B2: Method to ensure robust operation of a pin lock in a vane style cam phaser patent, US-3855386-A: Catalytic fused salt extraction process for removal of sulfur oxides from flue or other gases patent, US-3861354-A: Electrostatic image developer patent, US-3873901-A: Automatic torque control system for motors patent, US-3885965-A: Photothermographic element, composition and process patent, US-3890065-A: Suspended submersible pumping unit patent, US-3912188-A: Damped flexure mounts for use in web winding patent, US-3914889-A: Wallet-type display of relative currency values patent, US-3925183-A: Gas detecting and quantitative measuring device patent, US-3963064-A: Processing whole trees patent, US-3981665-A: Press having torque responsive drive coupling patent, US-4079815-A: Extensible step assembly patent, US-4090425-A: Wire coiling machine fluid cutoff patent, US-4094671-A: Gold color copper alloy for restorative dentistry patent, US-4099806-A: Combined opthalmic lens pattern rack and dispenser patent, US-4131388-A: Outer air seal patent, US-4232054-A: Indigestable composition consisting of a metallic natural proteinate and nutritive fibers patent, US-4277804-A: System for viewing the area rearwardly of a vehicle patent, US-4303723-A: Sound barrier material patent, US-4335279-A: Mechanical telephone conversation time limiting device patent, US-4338856-A: Dual pilot counterbalance valve patent, US-4346806-A: Shelf organizer patent, US-4356257-A: Photosensitive silver halide element and method of preparing same patent, US-4384784-A: Electrophotographic copying apparatus and subsystems therefor patent, US-4494572-A: Four-way poppet valve assembly patent, US-4499808-A: Electronic musical instruments having automatic ensemble function patent, US-4565114-A: Cartridge strip magazine for powder-actuated tools patent, US-4606398-A: Method and apparatus for electrohydroblasting of castings patent, US-4653366-A: Machine to produce mat with valves therein patent, US-4669351-A: Woodwind instrument patent, US-4676712-A: Positioning and locking apparatus patent, US-4678732-A: Method for manufacture of photo-semiconductor patent, US-4720618-A: Method and apparatus for equalizing power output in a laser marking system patent, US-4721422-A: Boring bar patent, US-4730134-A: Portable power tool with combination bearing plate, nut plate and auxiliary handle mount patent, US-4765716-A: Photographic control device patent, US-4824565-A: Personal, portable, disposable tap water filter patent, US-4829510-A: Disk for recording and/or reproducing apparatus having magnetic chucking device patent, US-4861036-A: Multi-level crossing maze toy patent, US-4874191-A: Flue gas conduit connector patent, US-4876273-A: Antibotic A80577 and process for its production patent, US-4960081-A: Belt driven camshaft mechanism for internal combustion engine patent, US-4987547-A: Insertion machine with speed optimization patent, US-5112230-A: Reconfigurable substrate for electric circuit connections patent, US-5117830-A: Method of determining viability of tissue patent, US-5167192-A: Damper controller for a chemical recovery furnace patent, US-5190928-A: Process and a composition for immunizing plants against diseases patent, US-5212079-A: Process for the preparation of ascorbic acid-2-phosphate patent, US-5287155-A: Temperature control method for a fixing device patent, US-5340522-A: Process for producing polyvinyl alcohol multifilament yarn patent, US-5428994-A: Calorimetric flow indicator patent, US-5432637-A: Fiber optic depolarizer for optical time domain reflectometer and fiber optical communication systems patent, US-5532325-A: Process for producing high stiffness polypropylene patent, US-5543582-A: Liquid tight cord grip patent, US-5583938-A: Image signal scrambling apparatus and descrambling apparatus patent, US-5586019-A: Voltage converter patent, US-5754282-A: Optical device detecting displacement information using a device for frequency-shifting an incident beam and a system for reducing beam diameter in an application direction patent, US-5801678-A: Fast bi-linear interpolation pipeline patent, US-5814944-A: High pressure sodium vapor lamp with high color rendering patent, US-5815174-A: System and method of thermally verifying freshly printed images patent, US-5887436-A: Portable cooled pet carrier patent, US-5898285-A: Method of teaching welding robot patent, US-5956018-A: Compact pointing control stick circuit board assembly having electrical vias patent, US-6048417-A: Method and apparatus for heat treating a bushing patent, US-6076607-A: Horseshoe having adjustable flexibility patent, US-6088133-A: Optics for document scanner patent, US-6131131-A: Computer system including an enhanced communication interface for an ACPI-compliant controller patent, US-6223021-B1: Signal filtering in a transceiver for a wireless telephone system patent, US-6241456-B1: Wafer inspecting apparatus and method patent, US-6334610-B1: Leaf transfer mechanism unit patent, US-6626868-B1: Needle apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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