Infusion support


  • Inventors: TIAN QINXIA
  • Assignees: 田勤霞
  • Publication Date: September 28, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201987961-U


An infusion support comprises a base (8) and a support rod (7). One to ten fixing holes (5) are further uniformly disposed on the support rod (7), an upright rod (4) is further inserted into the support rod (7), a fixing hole (5) is arranged at the bottom end of the upright rod (4), the fixing holes (5) of the support rod (7) are connected with the fixing hole (5) of the vertical rod (4) by fixing bolts (6), a spring switch (11) is further arranged at the middle upper end of the vertical rod (4) and is connected with an alarm (10), and universal wheels (9) are further arranged at the bottom end of the base (8). The infusion support can be used independently or in a combination manner, is more convenient in use and height adjustment and better in fixation effect when used for fixing and moves more conveniently.




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