Table lamp with reminding function


  • Inventors: CAO JIAHUI
  • Assignees: 曹佳慧
  • Publication Date: September 28, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201992456-U


A table lamp with a reminding function mainly comprises a lamp bulb (1), a lamp arm (2), a lamp base (3) and a fan (8). The table lamp with the reminding function is characterized in that one end of the lamp arm (2) is fixedly connected with a lamp cover (5), and the other end of the lamp arm (2) is fixedly connected with the lamp base (3). The lamp cover (5) is in threaded connection with the lamp bulb (1), and a fan (4) is fixed in the middle of the lamp arm (2) through a bolt. A thermal sensitive probe (7), a thermal control switch (6), a fan switch (8) and a power switch (10) are embedded in the surface of the lamp base (3). A storage battery (9) and a buzzer (11) are fixedly connected at the bottom of the lamp base (3). The table lamp with the reminding function can not only be used for emergency lighting and bringing users cool, but also make a sound reminding when a body is too close to a table.




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