Universal mobile phone charger


  • Inventors: SU XIQING
  • Assignees: 苏喜庆
  • Publication Date: September 28, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201994697-U


The utility model discloses a universal mobile phone charger, which consists of a charger casing, a pair of charge contact terminals, a power supply plug and an internal charge circuit of a charger body, wherein the charger casing is in a rectangular shape, an L-shaped flange is arranged above the charger casing, a battery jar for containing a battery is formed, communicated chutes are arranged above the transverse flange and at the inner side of the transverse flange, a slide block is arranged in the chutes, one end of the slide block is placed in the chute arranged above the flange, the other end of the slide block is a bent hook type power supply contact and is placed in the chute arranged at the inner side of the flange, the middle of a longitudinal flange is provided with an inserting groove, and a right-angle type elastic clamp capable of upwards and downwards moving is arranged in the inserting groove. The universal mobile phone charger has the advantages that the battery placement space is sufficient, the safety and the stability are high, the charging efficiency is high, the universal mobile phone charger is applicable to various types of common mobile phone batteries in markets, including mobile phone batteries in different shapes with different lengths, different widths and different thicknesses, in addition, the occupied consumption of the internal space and the external space can be saved, and the universal mobile phone charger can be used for enhancing, integrating and improving other functions on a charge box.




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