Pipe sleeve of base of front seat of saloon car


  • Inventors: FENG ZHENG
  • Assignees: 冯政
  • Publication Date: October 05, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201999332-U


The utility model relates to a pipe sleeve of a base of a front seat of a saloon car. The pipe sleeve is sheathed onto four tips of the base for use when the seat is moved, so that interior trims in a vehicle are not damaged any longer when the seat is disassemble and moved. The pipe sleeve is made of a rubber material or a plastic material, so that the pipe sleeve has certain telescopic elasticity or performance that that the pipe sleeve deforms when being pinched by hand; the near opening end of the pipe sleeve is provided with a section of horn mouth; the outer end of the large end of the horn mouth is provided with a circle of circular ring; and the inner diameter of the pipe sleeve is slightly less than or equal to the diagonal line of the cross section of the base, so that the pipe sleeve can be conveniently and firmly sheathed onto the four tips of the base.




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