Soft bedding with identifying layers


  • Inventors: ZHAO GUOJIAO
  • Assignees: 赵国教
  • Publication Date: October 12, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-202005542-U


The utility model discloses soft bedding with identifying layers, which comprises a quilt cover and a pillow case, wherein the quilt cover is used for being filled with a batting, and the pillow case is used for being filled with a pillow inner, and the identifying layers which can be formed by means of embroidery are respectively arranged at the corner of the quilt cover and the corner of the pillow case. By the aid of the identifying layers on the quilt cover and the pillow case, users can identify own quilts and pillows easily from those of others, and thereby the soft bedding with the identifying layers can be used for houses, hotels, hospitals, dormitories and the like widely. Further, the identifying layers can be printed coatings easy to be written so that the users can write individual signatures on the printed coatings with materials not easy to erase. The identifying layers can be set with date marks, so that the users can replace the bedding according to date, and hotel working staff can be supervised to change the quilt cover and the pillow case every day when the bedding is used for places such as hotels and public houses. Moreover, two sets of quilt covers and pillow cases can be used alternatively for each person in family.




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