Touch switch circuit with short-circuit resistance function



The utility model discloses a touch switch circuit with a short-circuit resistance function, which comprises a bidirectional main loop current component, a control circuit, a switch circuit, a load, a power supply, a rectifier circuit, a voltage stabilizing circuit and a touch circuit, wherein the bidirectional main loop current component is connected with the control circuit, the control circuit is connected with the load through the switch circuit, the load is connected with the power supply, the voltage stabilizing circuit is respectively connected with the control circuit and the touch circuit, the touch circuit is connected with the control circuit sequentially through an RS (reset-set) trigger and a double-D trigger, and the power supply is connected with the rectifier circuit through a self-producing power unit. By adopting above structure, the touch switch circuit with the short-circuit resistance function has the advantages of 1, avoiding alternating current interferences caused by an alternating current power supply, 2, solving the problem that normally additional voltage drop of an alternating current two wire circuit is high and thereby initiating heavy-current circulation of the alternating current two-wire circuit, 3, eliminating influence to the control circuit and the power supply in an instant load short circuit or during an overcurrent period, and 4, providing signals for the load short circuit and overcurrent.




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