U-shaped fin type heat exchanger


The utility model relates to a U-shaped fin type heat exchanger, which comprises a plurality of finned tubes, a U-shaped connecting pipe, a water inlet pipe and a steam outlet pipe; the finned tubes are sequentially connected with one another from the head to the tail by the U-shaped connecting pipe except the head end of the first finned tube and the tail end of the last finned tube, the head end of the first finned tube is connected with the water inlet pipe, and the tail end of the last finned tube is connected with the steam outlet pipe. The heat exchanger adopts the U-shaped finned tubes; the heat exchanger is placed at the cooling part at the front end of the high temperature gas generated in reaction during the production of maleic anhydride; and the heat exchanger is utilized in a high temperature gas cooler and has good control of preventing the accumulation of moisture condensation and the corrosion of equipment owing to heat exchange of water and steam, and the service life of the whole equipment can be prolonged 3 to 5 years. The heat exchanger with the finned tubes has the characteristics that the manufacturing cost is low, no special materials are needed, the materials are easy to purchase, the manufacturing cost is obviously reduced based on the requirement of high pressure, the installation is convenient, and the heat exchanger can be disassembled and assembled, therefore, the heat exchanger is the product which can realize heat exchange and corrosion prevention in the gas heat exchange phase.




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